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in the past three years, the festival has hosted a "blitz-chess "
tournoi where the audience could take a chance on the local
chess champion ... 
This year, Achim Sell will challenge up to 25 people for a simultaneous game. Achim lives in Schiphorst and ranks pretty high in german Bundesliga ...so beware :) 
Build yourself your own synth with Xabec direct during the festival... and take it home with you . Xabec will help you...success guaranteed! Yes you can!

Manuel: „Meine Workshops haben manchmal was von einem Happening, es macht riesig Spaß.“


the tradition is that the "exots" ( that is YOU dear audience ! ) play against the "locals" ( the youngsters of our village) ...
Guten Abend meine Lieben,  es gibt keine Cocktailstaebchen zu kaufen, jedoch hält das keinen kreativen Kopf ab, jetzt werden 300 gebastelt, rock on!

Good evening lovely ones, couldn't get any fancy cocktailstaebchen, but that doesn't stop the lil'creativ 'brain to fix up 300 of them, rock on !

Many artists offer their products. Excellent prices. Good opportunity for a chat.