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Aerosol Light   Germany
Ampersand   UK
Avantgarde FM   Finland
Brandstifter   Germany
Catherine Barche   Germany
Cathy Heyden   France
Charlemagne Palestine   USA
Cinema Soloriens DYAD - Part 1   USA
Cinema Soloriens DYAD - Part 2   France/ UK/ Germany
Coppernicus Gym   Germany
Doubleganger   Italy
Emerge & Don Vomp   Germany
Erland Malmberg   France
Fahrenheit 2006°   France
faUSt   DMZ
Geoff Leigh   UK
Harald & Ale   Germany
Hax   Finland
Prof. Dr. Lutz Hieber   Germany
Ian Land   UK
 incite/ Kera & André   Germany
Julien Perrin   France
Kakawaka   Germany
Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer   Germany
Maria and the Mirrors   UK
Mitch Esparza   USA
Nathalie Forget   France
Neopostdadasurrealpunkshow   Germany
Nicolas Boone   France
Nurse With Wound   Ireland
Organic Milk Baby   Germany
::OT::   Germany
Psykisk Tortur   Norway
Rockin Yaset   France
Roland Graeter   Germany
Sascha Demand   Germany
Snare Drum Solo   Japan
Spelbo II   Germany
 feat. Taikotribe and Toys´r´Noise
Tellavision   Germany
The Ape   Germany
The Noise Flowers   Hungary
Thee VHS CvLT   Germany
Thomas Zunk   Germany
Tonia Reeh   Germany
Tumorchester   Germany
Umuligt Instrument   Denmark
UnicaZürn   UK
Vultures Quartet   UK
Wat Sun   France
Wckr Spgt   USA





Zan Bodycocktail starring Lars Skjit

  USA/ N




Aerosol Light
Harm Bremer, Berlin. Turns reality into polychrom abstraktion.
Aerosol Light Textures enhance rooms of perception with pathes of light. Shining vectors nestle to people, nature and buildings. Well known things are experienced in new ways by pattern-textures; an interactive room of sensuous experience arises. In times of hectically rushing digital picture-floods the analogue light-illumination generates a repetitive contrasting concept that relaxedly invites the beholder to stay and wonder.

Aerosol Light

Nathan Siter + AvantgardeFM
a garden of sound to colour your breakfast experience
This year Nathan Siter will transmit us with Ville Lind, Perttu Piirto and Jouka Mattila and some special guests.

Nathan Siter

Rauschgiftenloops , Stefan Brand

….Monotone, spherical infinite loops and drones are created whenever a pick-up arm runs into a drug angel……
…. With their constant yet inconstant repetitions, the loops serve as an allegory of human existence, within which each person must master limited parameters….
"The rauschgiftengelloops are created from moment to moment. The record player becomes the artist's instrument. He plays records, tries out the grooves, paralyzes time and turns it back on. And then there are the wonderful rotating angels, conveyed heavenward: an image for the gods." (Dr. Jörg Daur, art historian and freelance curator, Museum Wiesbaden)


..... Immer, wenn ein Tonarm am Kleid eines Rauschgiftengels angelangt ist, entstehen monotone, sphärische Endlos- Loops und Drones....
.... Die Loops stehen mit ihren ständigen aber unbeständigen Wiederholungen als Allegorie für die menschliche Existenz, innerhalb derer der Mensch ebenfalls die limitierten Parameter meistern muss..

"Die rauschgiftengelloops entstehen im Augenblick, der Plattenteller wird zum Instrument des Künstlers. Er spielt und probiert die Rillen, lähmt die Zeit und treibt sie wieder an. Dazu drehen sich wunderbare Engel, in den Himmel entrückt: ein Bild für die Götter." (Dr. Jörg Daur, art historian and freelance curator, Museum Wiesbaden)


James Harrar :Tenor Sax, Flute, Clarinet, Husuli, Bulbul Tarang, Koto and Kora.Since 1995, In addition to continued collaboration with Marshall Allen, Harrar has performed with many talented musicians and groups within Cinema Soloriens and outside:  Arthur Doyle & His Free Soul Orchestra & his Elecctro-Acoustic Ensemble, Chris Cutler, Ed Wilcox, Temple of Bon Matin, Michael Gibbons (Bardo Pond), Giovanni Barcella, Nat Birchall, Charles Cohen, Eric Thielemans, Yahya Abdul-Majid  (Sun Ra Arkestra) and Art Jenkins (Sun Ra Arkestra) to name a few.





RORO (Rogier Smal) is a drummer specializing in experimentation with free percussion sounds. In addition to improvising with countless diverse musicians he plays in the improv group DAGORA as well as solo. RORO searches for the energy of space while remaining open to the creative environment, it's participants and acoustics.



Cathy Heyden
Geoff Leigh
Roland Graeter



Geoff Leigh: a founder member of Henry Cow and performed many times at the AGF. ..."he is my friend...he is crazy...plays flute with his nose ..he is vachement great !"
( jhp/art-Errorist, curator of the AGF).

Geoff Leigh

Cathy  Heyden:  Autodidact sax improviser, she enjoys the encounters with other musicians, dancers , comedians, poets and performers from all over the world . Free, Rock,Experimental, Noise...: her music is organic. Her bodily involment binds her to the universe of performance. She approaches playing with different objects such as kitchen implements. In France she collaborates with the Lost Women, Jac Berrocal. She meets up with Geoff leigh 2009 and Xyramat during the Avantgarde Festival. She is now finishing her solo Album. 

Cathy Heyden
Improvisatrice autodidacte au saxophone, elle aime partir à la rencontre d'autres musiciens, danseurs, comédiens, artistes, poètes et performeurs du monde entier .Free, rock, expérimental, noise. : sa musique est organique. Son
engagement corporel la lie à l'univers de la performance. Cette position l'amène à explorer le jeu avec d'autres objets, parmi lesquels les ustensiles de cuisine. En France, elle joue avec Mesa of the Lost Women & Jac Berrocal. Elle rencontre Geoff Leigh en 2009 dans Stadtfischflex, joue au Festival Avantgarde 2009 & 2011 avec Stadtfischflex & Xyramat. Elle prépare un disque solo.
 Greater travels everyday of the year around Germany and meets artists of all sorts in all kinds of venues. At the end of the year , he invites all of them in Berlin to celebrate the 364 concerts he made on his way from Stuttgart to Berlin. see here for 2011

roland graeter hat sich ganz und gar der freien improvisation verschrieben. klassischen cellounterricht hatte er zwischen 8 und 18. schon mit 15,16 liebäugelte er mit freier improvisation, aber es braucht zeit, bis man weiß, wie so etwas gehen soll. die stimme schlich sich ab mitte der 1980-er jahre immer mehr in seine musik-performances hinein. heute ist sie gleichberechtigter bestandteil. bundesweit wahrgenommen hat man graeters musikalische kunst bei seinem projekt musikmarathon 2011, wo er an 365 tagen 365 ad-hoc-konzerte mit täglich wechselnden partnern spielte. was man dabei nicht zu gehör bekam, ist seine musik im duo mit sich selbst. deshalb stellen wir ihn hier mit einem solokonzert vor. 

Roland Greater

The Infinite and the Indefinable
Pat (voice/elettronic device): …. It's like walking in the desert, without worries about purpose or time or nothing but the infinite and the indefinable.
Lucio (guitar): The Alps, put in a frame, are snow-covered, the wind gently caresses fluo-green trees and the swallows are dancing in the blue after the furious storm of yesterday night…
Pascal (drums):…Lucio's grandfather , he is very passionate about music. He has fought a lot in Italy since the forties to propose drums in unpublished ways, original ,we can say avant-garde .
Angie (flute/bass):…. we are experiencing a synergetic awakening in will, in movements .


Emerge & Don Vomp
S. Stadlmeier : samples , H. Maron: e-violin
EMERGE is inspired by the minimalist traditions of experimentalism and non-academic noise music, focusing on generating sound structures intended to make atmospheres emerge that are open to each listener's own
interpretation. DON VOMP is inspired by the music of a.o. Cpt Beefhear , Frank Zappa, by the electronic sounds of groups like Neu! , M. Rother , Cluster etc..

Emerge & Don Vomp
EMERGE lehnt sich an die minimalistischen Traditionen des Experimentalismus und der nicht-akademischen Geräuschmusik an. Der Fokus liegt auf der Generierung von Klanggebilden, die frei interpretierbare Atmosphären an die Oberfläche holen sollen. DON VOMP ist einerseits beeinflusst von den vielschichtigen Sounds von Fank Zappa und Cpt Beefheart, andererseits von den elektronischen Sounds von Neu!, M.Rother,Cluster etc...

faust hat Geld
Straightforward notice to the anxious listener ! Faust does not make any difference ref. age , cleanliness or social position of the Mensch. Faust has money ! Ein Wort direkt an den besorgten Hörer! Faust macht keinen Unterschied zwischen Alter, Reinlichkeit oder Stellung des Menschen . Faust hat Geld !

Harald & Ale
Django Reinhardt or Mutter Courage ?
H: digs out a new Rap-LP , A: graps an old shelllack Classic from his H: tonight plays only Krautrock , A: discovers the german-speaking Punk-band called "Schneller Autos Organisation" H: suddenly listens to Thailand-Funk , A: has Ruts DC on repeat H: buys the Django Reingardt CD-Box, A: buys the "Mutter Courage" Vinyl-Box made in GDR. H: is thrilled by a K-H Stockhausen LP-recording , A: had bought it 3 days ago Harald und Ale happily move in all musical directions . They produce Radioshows for Freie Sender Kombinat ( hamburg) and Byte FM ( internet)


Byte FM
 H : findet eine neue Rap-LP, A: kommt mit einer alten Klassik-Platte aus der Krappelkiste um die Ecke. H : hört einen Abend nur Krautrock, A: entdeckt eine deutschsprachige Punk-Band namens Schneller Autos Organisation. H: hört plötzlich Funk aus Thailand, A: hört zum x-ten mal Ruts DC. H: kauft sich eine Django Reinhardt-Box, A: kauft sich eine Mutter Courage-LP-Box aus der DDR. H: freut sich über Karl-Heinz Stockhausen-Aufnahmen auf Vinyl, A :hat sie 3 Tage vorher gekauft. Harald und Ale bewegen sich gerne in sämtliche Richtungen in der Musik und produzieren Radiosendungen für das Freie Sender Kombinat und ByteFM. 

Prof. Dr. Lutz Hieber
Experimental Art after World War II

"As a culture sociologist Prof. Hieber has been working intensively on arts and popular culture. The development of the Avantgardes of the 20th century has been at the center of his research with a special attention on the relation of social movements and art exercises. At the Avantgarde Festival he will give a presentation on the development of experimental art after world war 2 followed by a discussion with the audience.

Lutz Hieber
Prof. Hieber hat sich als Soziologe insbesondere mit der Kultursoziologie massenmedialer Kunst auseinander gesetzt. Zu seinen Forschungsschwerpunkten gehören die Entwicklung der Avantgarde im 20. Jahrhundert und insbesondere die Plakatkunst der Pop-Art. Auf dem Avantgarde-Festival wird er zur Entwicklung der experimentellen Kunst nach dem 2. Weltkrieg einen Vortrag
mit anschließender Diskussion halten.

Ian Land & Claire Billinger
Ian Land and Claire Billinger will be found in a chemical filled, corner of the festival site, where they will be making portrait photographs of performers and audience members using traditional black and white analogue photographic methods, and some unusual old cameras."

Ian Land

audiovisual electronics duo | Kera Nagel & André Aspelmeier
Mixing eye-catching experimental audiovisual art with dynamic distorted IDM grooves, the duo criss-crosses art and club worlds. incite/ performances are a holistic AV-experience - greyscale HD projections based on exclusively self-created and processed footage, oscillating between abstraction and narration on personal perspectives, always fused with unorthodox danceable glitchy beats – an exciting expedition for the audience.
incite/ just won the Qwartz Award (Category Qwartz Dancefloor) for their track "glass" (taken from the Album "dare to dance" on Hands Productions)

Julien Perrin
Film documentation  of Alan Vega , Conrad Schnitzler , James
Chance , Irmin Schmidt , Lydia Lunch,  Rother  and  Moebius
Passionné de musique suite à la découverte des Doors sur son baladeur cassette estampillé La Poste, Julien Perrin découvre parallèlement le cinéma et se dit que mixer ces deux intérêts ne serait pas une mauvaise idée. Diplômé d'une école de cinéma, il met les voiles vers l'Allemagne pour un projet documentaire autour du Krautrock. Après avoir rencontré les artistes majeurs de cette mouvance, il se focalise sur le groupe expérimental Faust avec lequel il réalise « Ist FAUST schön ? », Reportages, documentaires, lives, Julien Perrin se passionne avant tout pour les démarches atypiques et marginales servies par des personnalités fortes et touchantes.

Julien Perrin


fork song and blind mouse

©Photo by Maja Szerszen
  Kakawaka makes noise. Often with a fork. Then there's this blindtaped man in a trench coat with screeching feedback who does not know where he is stumbling. 1987:25m-seahorse-badgeat the Rosdorf Public Pool.Since 2005: concerts. Since 2001: Noise on the internet. 

Kakawaka macht Noise. Oft mit Gabel. Dann gibt es da noch diesen blindgeklebten Mann im Trenchcoat. Der stolpert pfeiftönend umher und weiß nicht wohin. 1987: Seepferdchen im Rosdorfer Freibad. Seit 2005: Konzerte. Seit 2001: Noise im Internet.
Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer
Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer

Maria and The Mirrors
Charlie Mahony, Crystabel Riley and Kiera Fox
That's what our time is all about ...that's what their music is about...Sex, Drugs and Noise. ( Chemalep )

Maria and the Mirrors

Nathalie Forget
Ondes Martenot
Try to say Ondes Martenot backwards while sitting on a burning tree and don't forget to smile. If you survive this and your vocal performance is good , it still won't be as unbelievable as the mechanics and  the sound of one of the first electroacoustic instruments: the Ondes Martenot
( Chemalep)

Nathalie Forget

Jorinde Reznikoff / KP Flügel

neopostdadasurrealpunkshow presents:
Boris Vian
foaming / Der Schaum der Tage/L'écume des jours -
Revue.Movies, sounds, lectures.

Une série en 4 épisodes de Nicolas Boone

Nicolas Boone: "…starting with my BUP fantasy series ( 9 episodes + 1 film) in which the Publicity world is turned into a critical propaganda system , all my works explore the different forms of manipulation through image and language . In my new COMPLOTS series project ( 5 episodes) , I investigate the communication techniques of the conspirationist theories . Each episode let the video games universe meet the complots adepts as well as the researches for transhumanism ( man as machine ). 4 locations, 4 episodes of roughly 15/20 min. " EXPANSION , collab with Philippe Rouy and shot in the Gaspe Peninsula ( Quebec) " LA FIN DE LA MORT, collab with Jean Paul Jody, shot at the Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers " L'ONDULEUR , collab with Jean Paul Jody , shot in Togo ( june) " TRANSHUMANIST CEREMONY , collab with Jean Paul Jody , shot in the basements of Chapelais ( Paris)

Nicolas Boone
Nicolas Boone: "…Depuis ma série de fictions intitulées BUP (9 épisodes + 1 film), dans lesquelles le monde de la publicité est détourné en un dispositif de propagande critique, tout mon travail explore les différentes formes de manipulation par l'image et le langage. Dans mon nouveau projet de série, COMPLOTS (en cinq épisodes), j'investis les techniques de communication des théories conspirationnistes. Chaque épisode fait se croiser l'univers des jeux vidéos, les adeptes du complot, et les recherches transhumanistes (devenir machine de l'homme). 4 lieux, 4 épisodes d'une durée de 15 à 20 minutes environ. - EXPANSION coécrit avec Philippe Rouy et tourné en Gaspésie (Quebec) - LA FIN DE LA MORT coécrit avec Jean Paul Jody, tourné aux Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers - L'ONDULEUR écrit avec Jean Paul Jody, tourné au Togo (juin) - CEREMONIE TRANSHUMANISTE écrit avec Jean-Paul Jody, tourné dans les caves de Chapelais (Paris) …"

Organic Milk Baby
Be fiction ! geronimo Beckmann
Find happiness in your life, Mensch, and be delighted about your imagination.Build an ark for your thoughts. Forget yourself in the written Word, escape yourself, for only in the unreality of signs and symbols you can be, you can breath. Freedom is fictitious, be fiction. ( G.Beckmann)

Organic Milk Baby
Erfreue dich deines Lebens, Mensch, und freue dich deiner Phantasie.Baue deinen Gedanken eine Arche.Vergesse dich in der Schrift, fliehe dich, denn nur in der Irrealität der Zeichen und Symbole kannst du sein, kannst du atmen. Freiheit ist fiktiv. Sei Fiktion. ( G.Beckmann)

:: OT ::
OBERER TOTPUNKT Langfristig gesehen sind wir alle tot
Dark, fast and groovy: An energetic fusion of spoken-word, dark electronic, industrial and avantgarde. The german stories and electronical beats lead to morbid visions. The tracks were live performed with bass, drums, choir and performance. ::OT:: OBERER TOTPUNKT - short ::OT:: (Top dead center = TDC) is the highest point of the piston in the motor. The highest point and moment of return before the chemical reaction.

:: OT ::
::OT:: OBERER TOTPUNKT ist ein deutschsprachiges, elektronisches Musikprojekt aus Hamburg. Während die Musik sich am Minimal Electro orientier treten an die Stelle von Gesang Rezitationen der apokalyptischen Lyrik der Frontfrau Bettina Bormann. Von ihrem Label Danse Macabre wird ::OT:: OBERER TOTPUNKT als Vertreter der Neuen Deutschen Todeskunst und des Avantgarde-Electro vermarktet, die auch von Musikjournalisten als ein Einflussfaktor ausgemacht wird weitere Einflüsse sind unter anderem EBM, die Musik Richard Wagners und Industrial. Neben elektronischen verwendet die Band auch akustische Instrumente. In den Geschichten von ::OT:: OBERER TOTPUNKT geht es um die Diskrepanz zwischen der äußeren und der inneren Wirklichkeit, um Liebe, die so verzehrend ist, dass sie keine Kompromisse mehr duldet. Es geht um Furcht, um Maßlosigkeit und den Konsum von Menschen, um Sinnentleertheit und den Verlust von Idealen. Das traumatische Geburtserlebnis und das Sterben, das Leben zwischen Sinnsuche, Isolation und Scheitern, der Tod, der sich nähert. Und eine Wiederauferstehung, die aus der Umwertung aller Werte resultiert, um das Unerträgliche erträglich zu machen.
Psykisk Tortur
We got expelled from every venue !
"Psykisk Tortur" was founded in 1984 in Bodø, Norway by Lars "Skjit-Lars" Nicolaysen and Tore "NXP" Nilsen (later Stemland). Their improvised music was oriented around metal percussion, concrete mixer and drills : they got expelled from every venue in the area because of their music and their performances ! It would take more than 20 years before they re-entered the stage again at the Nødutgang Festivalen in Bodø 2006, this time as a trio with Ronny Wærnes. Lars and Ronny continued as a duo, and their sound, still based around metal percussion, have expanded with drums and electronic noise, amongst other things. This duo has now started recording for a new CD that will be released in connection with Psykisk Tortur's performance at the Avantgarde Festival in Schiphorst 2012.

Psykisk Tortur
"Psykisk Tortur" ble dannet i 1984 i Bodø, Norge av duoen Lars "Skjit-Lars" Nicolaysen og Tore "NXP" Nilsen (senere Stemland). Deres improviserte musikk var orientert rundt metall perkusjon, sement blander og drill:..de var på det tidspunkt nektet adgang på alle lokale spillesteder pga musikken og deres sceneshow. Det skulle ta over 20 år før de sto på en scene igjen...Nødutgang Festivalen i Bodø 2006, , denne gangen utvidet til trio med Ronny Wærnes. Lars og Ronny fortsatte som duo, og lydbildet, fortsatt dominert av metall perkusjon, har ekspandert med bl.a. trommer og elektronisk støy. Denne duoen har påbegynt innspillingen av en ny CD som vill bli utgitt i forbindelse med Psykisk Torturs konsert på Avantgarde Festivalen i Schiphorst 2012.

Rockin Yaset
Jean-Francois Michel , éditeur du "Quetton"


Snare Drum Solo
Morihide Sawada
Sawada works and lives in Tokyo as a sound engineer and improviser ondrums & electronics. He already performed twice at the Avantgarde Festival.

Sawada web

Spelbo II
Martin Brauner  &  Michael Lampert
Professor Weiss and Doctor Wenzel are returning to the command module in their homebase, on their saucer full of secrets, back from all these tomorrow's parties, with an atlas and that big question: "Where is home for me?". Prince Horn appears on the monitor and he is telling them that they will rock the crew on the homebase, from now on and for every single day, with their very extreme and intensive mixture of Prog, Punk, Psychedelic and that unique voice of Professor Weiss under the moniker Spelbo II. And they will perform their very hot musical dialogue in the dark, as they did for the last 2 years, when Doctor Wenzel lost the light in the eye. (Michael Lampert) Professor Weiss und Doktor Wenzel kehren auf ihrer Untertasse voller Geheimnisse von den allmorgendlichen Gesellschaften mit ihrer Weltkarte und der Frage „Wo ist mein Zuhause?“ in den Kommandostand ihrer Homebase zurück. Auf dem Kontrollmonitor ist jetzt Prinz Horn zu sehen und teilt den beiden mit, daß sie ab heute unter dem Namen Spelbo II die Mannschaft auf der Homebase mit ihrer äußerst intensiven Melange aus Prog, Punk, Psych und der einmaligen Stimme von Professor Weiss täglich rocken werden. Und die beiden werden ihren verschärften musikalischen Dialog im Dunkel führen, wie schon seit 2 Jahren, als Doktor Wenzel das Licht im Auge verlor.
(Michael Lampert)

  feat. Taikotribe and Toys´r´Noise
For the avantgarde festival 2012 Uwe Bastiansen came up with something special again. The main principle of "stadtfisch and the flexible orchestra" is to integrate new musicians regularly. Accordingly, this year's "flexible orchestra" consists of Hamburg artist Irina Frederich, "Taikotribe", who add japanese Taiko drums to the taifun and
"Toys´r´Noise" from France,who, as their name reveals, deconstruct everything that develops in these interpretations.
The principle of the last album has been described by the phrase "Hear tracks not songs!". Loops and toys collide with guitars, drums, tapes, sounds, percussion and bass. Monotony is being transformed into witchcraft by weird timbres and arrangements. Expect visual surprises!

"Welcome home. it's me myself. Opus and cynicism in the third person. The hub of all of life's cycles. Continuous, seemingly mysterious, yet simply there. Presence.

Just against."

Fuer das Avantgardefestival 2012 hat sich Uwe Bastiansen wieder etwas besonderes ausgedacht. Gehoert es zum Grundprinzip von "stadtfisch and the flexible orchestra", immer wieder andere Musiker in dieses Orchester einzugliedern, so besteht das diesjaehrige "flexible orchestra" aus "der Hamburger Kuenstlerin Irina Frederich, "Taikotribe", die japanisches Taiko-Trommeln ins Gewitter einbringen sowie "Toys´r´Noise" aus Frankreich, die, wie der Name schon zu erkennen gibt, alles, was sich in diesen Interpretationen entwickelt, wieder auseinander dividiert. Das Prinzip der letzten Veroeffentlichung wurde umschrieben mit den Worten "Zu Hören gibt es Stücke, keine Songs!". Loops und Toys kollidieren mit Gitarren, Schlagzeug, Tapes, Sounds, Percussion und Bass. Monotonie verwandelt sich durch seltsame Klänge und Arrangements in eine zauberhafte Stimmung. Wie selbstvertändlich ist auch mit visuellen Überraschungen zu rechnen.

"Willkommen daheim, ich bin es selbst. Opus und Zynismus in dritter Person. Der Nabel aller Lebenszyklen.
Kontinuierlich, scheinbar mysteriös und doch einfach nur zugegen. Gegenwart.

Eben gegen."

Mitch Esparza
Mitch Esparza hails from central Mexico via Philadelphia: "..My style is reminiscent of southern delta music which 
I picked up living in Delaware, a northern southern state . 
I enjoy channeling that spirit through the raw energy of punk rock and noise. The *Love Club* is my band but I enjoy playing with anyone and everyone, and so does anyone 
I usually play with. .. I dreamt of spacemonsters last night...
I will enjoy playing songs on guitar, new ones, old ones, and some still to be born...."  M. Esparza.

Mitch Esparza

something you may believe in
Tellavision turns abstract occurrences into sound. Infatuated with colours and spirit, it's an elusive affair: Lo-fi attitude, movement and depth walk side by side, approaching in one moment, but they might be leaving as soon as you think. The admiration for timelessness that is captured for a brief moment. No present, no fixed state or version.
It's not an arty farty experiment, instead you get something you may believe in.


The Ape
Nothing But An Underapement
Sebastian Nagel and Johann Scheerer find themselves coming together more and more frequently to try out new effects equipment, which, between the two of them, has become a rather large pile (www.waitingforthesoundorsomeonelikehim.com). Nagel writes the music, Tex and Tim Schierenbeck do the drumming, Scheerer sings and produces. And it sounds like :-Nothing But An Underapement- Feel The Ape Build Sentient Sound Blessed are The Ape, for theirs are heavenly tunes. Shamelessly beautiful indeed are the tunes they play. Who said that melodies were only for sentimental fools? Well, they were wrong. They hadn't yet heard about The Ape. For not only won't The Ape be fooled into believing feeling was foolish. The Ape also know a thing or two about what melodies can do. There is more to the melody than just the tune. 

The Ape
There is structure, there is rhythm, there is architecture. The Ape's melody lines are buildings. Buildings that moves. Like a ship. You know, those ships. The ones that make you feel like half of a city floats by when you see them, containers stacked on their decks like coloured boxes upon boxes. Imagine the boxes to be sounds, each sound with its own colour, the colours indicating that they come from different places and that it took them some time to travel here. There is time built into every note that The Ape play. You can hear and tell that it took time to build each sound and that each sound takes its own time to travel from a string through the airwaves to your ear, covering the distance from the heart of The Ape to yours.

The Noise Flowers
András Wahorn, Zsolt Sorés Ahad, Oli Mayne

©Photo by András Wahorn
The band 'Noise Flowers' was formed earlier this year in Budapest. Within the trio's "meta-music" (a term coined by Eddie Prévost of the group AMM), organic relationships between acoustic and electronic sound sources unfold through multi-layered sonic textures incorporating free improvisation, noise structures and psychedelic soundclouds. The music is characterized by stochastic fluidity and immediate transitions, unstable acoustic systems and sound economy. Band members: András Wahorn (saxes, flute, pocket trumpet, voice), Zsolt Sorés Ahad (viola, home-mades, synths, circuit bent toys, selected percussion, tapes, effects etc.), Oli Mayne / Zoltán Ko (vibraphone, analog synth, effects etc.).

 Noise Flowers
A Noise Flowers együttes 2012-ben alakult Budapesten. A trió metazenéjében (ahogyan ezt a kifejezést Eddie Prévost az AMM együttesbol megalkotta) az akusztikus és elektronikus hangforrások organikus kapcsolatából kibomló
improvizációk, zörejstruktúrák, pszichedelikus hangfelhok többszintu zenei egységgé állnak össze. Zenéjükre a sztochasztikus folyékonyság és a hirtelen átmenetek, az instabil akusztikus rendszerek és a hangökonómia jellemzo. A zenekar tagjai: Wahorn András (szaxofonok, fuvola, zsebtrombita, hang), Sorés Zsolt Ahad (mélyhegedu, egyedi készítésu hangszerek, szintetizátorok, áramkör-átalakított játékok, válogatott ütohangszerek, hangszalagok, effektek stb.) és Oli Mayne / Ko Zoltán (vibrafon, analóg szintetizátor,
effektek etc.).

Klang, Installation , Visuals
Thorsten Soltau , Arne Wilken , Volker Hartmann-Langenfelder
The vintage medium VHS is the center point. The magnetic tape will become a crossing point of DaDa and electronica, remix and installation. Arne Wilken and Volker Hartmann-Langenfelder will support the concept via visuals and installation and bring light into the hidden inside of the VHS tape medium. 
Thorsten Soltau plays slowly fading memories from oldest TV memories.A throwback into the time of channels and movies from your childhood.

Das Vintagemedium VHS avanciert zum Mittelpunkt .
Fehler werden hervorgehoben, blätternde Erinnerungen mittels moderner Technik neu verbrämt und Schnitte zur Sinngestaltung vorgenommen. Das Medium Magnetband wird  damit zur Schnittstelle von DaDa und Elektronik, zu Remix und Installation. Arne Wilken und Volker Hartmann-Langenfelder unterstützen das Konzert mithilfe von Visuals und Rauminstallation und beleuchten das verborgene Innenleben des Mediums. 
Thorsten Soltau spielt  Material, welches sich verblassten
Fernseherinnerungen widmet ...

Thomas Zunk
The Theremin
Thomas Zunk , electronic avantgarde Berlin

©Photo by Ian Land
As for 1976 , Thomas Zunk , now based in Berlin, has been performing improvised music, experimentalmusic and music from outer parts of Europe. He plays woodwinds, percussions and various synthesizers and electronic devices.
Since late 2007 he concentrates on playing the Theremin, the very first electronic instrument , invented in 1919 by Russian radio engineer Lev Termen (Leon Theremin). It is the only instrument that is played without being touched. Zunk will play a self-organized solo concert of improvised music in the Annexe.
Thomas Zunk aus Berlin ist seit 1976 als Musiker mit experimenteller, improvisierter und außereuropäischer Musik auf der Bühne und spielt eine Vielzahl von Instrumenten. Seit Ende 2007 konzentriert er sich auf das Theremin, das älteste elektronische Musikinstrument der Welt und der Vorläufer aller Synthesizer, erfunden 1919 von dem russischen Radioingenieur Lev Termen (Leon Theremin). Es ist das einzige Musikinstrument das gespielt wird, ohne es zu berühren. Zunk wird ein selbstorganisiertes Solokonzert mit improvisierter Musik im Annexe spielen.

Tonia Reeh
,,Gezeichnet als Frau, ob ich wollte oder nicht."
,,Branded as a woman, no matter if I wanted it or not"

Usually Tonia Reeh, also known as Monotekktoni, is experimenting with electronic sounds, but her latest creative work is different . Now she is concentrating on her voice and the piano. Her vocals are metaphoric, paired with her piano playing she seems to invite the audience to a journey out of the reality in to a bar where a drunken dromedary is singing it songs.

Tonia Reeh
Normalerweise experimentiert Tonia Reeh, auch bekannt als Monotekktoni, mit elektronischen Sounds, doch ihr neustes kreatives Schaffen konzentriert sich ganz auf sie und ihr Piano. Ihr Klavierspiel erzeugt einen Klangteppich auf dem man, geleitet von ihren Texten, eintauchen kann in ihre satirische Welt, in der man dem betrunken Dromedar beim Singen in der Bar lauschen kann.

Tumorchester Musik 
Tumorchester: Background Tumorchester started out in Hamburg, in 1988. The name was, at first, a working title, but has been used by its members until today. There have been some line-up changes; most original members are still on board to this day. Experimentation has been a constant, which explains a certain difficulty in categorizing the music. Our procedure is to develop the structure of a piece through collective improvisation. Tumorchester has had the chance to perform in the most varied locations in the recent past. Some highlights were Amsterdam, Spain, and the Czech Republic. A number of releases have trickled out in the meantime. The current line-up is Oliver Eberhardt (sax), Thorsten Hoppe (violin), Thomas Pfeuti (drums), Rahel Puffert (violin), and Kai Seemann (bass). Releases "Autohimmelfahrt" - Debut-LP "Nothing hurt as played" - Studioimprovisations "Feng Shui Katastrophen" - live via FSK radio "Partched" - Tumorchester/Uri Geller Split-Single on Fidel Bastro Records 2011 saw the release of a double-CD without label or distributor: "Melodien für Selbstabholer" (with, however, the bonus of custom artwork and packaging)

Gründet 1998   Besetzung Schlagzeug/AKAI: Thomas Pfeuti; Bässe: Kai Seemann / Mark Gupta; Saxophon: Oliver Eberhardt; Geigen: Rahel Puffert / Thorsten Hoppe Auftritte Spanien, Tschechien, Niederlande; Live-Improvisationen; Film-Vertonung Veröffentlichungen "Autohimmelfahrt" - Debut-LP; "Nothing hurt as played" - Studioimprovisationen; "Feng Shui Katastrophen" - live via FSK; "Partched" - Split-Single Neu "Melodien für Selbstabholer" - CD1 Stücke / CD2 Improvisation  Zitate … [,die]"mit ihrer eigenen Mischung aus Komposition und Improvisation das eigene Fundament aus Free Jazz, Krautrock und Punk erschüttern" … (TAZ Nord, August 2008) "Als weit gehend Jazz-frei improvisierende Band gehören sie zu den interessanteren Hamburger Newcomern der vergangenen Jahre." (Szene Hamburg, Feb. 2004) "Aber die USA haben derzeit auch Bands wie Black Dice, Lightning Bolt und Animal Collective, also wirklich heißen Free-Form-Noise-Stoff, zu dem einem partout kein deutsches Pendant einfällt … nun ja, mit Ausnahme - in Ansätzen - vielleicht dieser sechsköpfigen Band aus Hamburg, die sich bewusst Kollektiv nennt und auch danach klingt. Wer Schubladen will, der kann sie kriegen: Erwähnte Minus Delta T und sehr viel Fluxus-Geknarze, Freejazz mit Rockanbindung im Cassiber-Stil und ein Schuss Frühindustrial. Jaulende Geigen, zischende Electronics und teilnahmslos klackernde Percussions brauen sich unheilvoll, aber erquickend lebhaft zusammen." (Testcard Nr. 13) 

Umuligt Instrument
Impossible Instrument
A music and sound performance involving flesh coloured nylon tights, cables and a human drum mashine.
 Umuligt Instrument

David Knight (guitar, synthesizers), Stephen Thrower (reeds, keyboards)
UnicaZürn emerged from the belly of a live-improv' beast called The Amal Gamal Ensemble,... free improvisations then burnished and restructured with intensive studio sculpting. "TEMPORAL BENDS", the first UnicaZürn album (uZu MUSIC 001), ... is a shifting, unpredictable mood-kaleidoscope for analogue synthesizers, saxophones, voices and treated guitars : "...like Jacques Cousteau meets HP Lovecraft twenty thousand leagues under the sea." - FREQ Magazine. During the 1980s Knight was guitarist and co-songwriter with highly influential art-pop maverick DANIELLE DAX, and contributed wall-of-rock guitars to the malign poetry of KARL BLAKE in SHOCK HEADED PETERS. He also works as ARKKON, a solo project concentrating on brooding electro-minimalist music. Thrower's credits include eight years in COIL, with whom he recorded the seminal albums "Scatology" , "Horse Rotorvator" and "Love's Secret Domain". He is currently one half of electro-psychedelic duo CYCLOBE, with OSSIAN BROWN. His solo credits include original electronic movie scores for "Hell's Ground " (2007) and "Down Terrace" (2009).


Vultures Quartet & Ampersand & PAS
Industrial wasteland goes freejazz
They are many: Stephen Oldfield ,Joe Oldfield ,Brian  Oldfield, Matt Chilton, Will Connor aka "King Seesar", Anthony Donovan, Amber Pepper, Robert Pepper They need space for their performance: VQ/A/PAS will  have to perform outside in the yard ! ...and their band-names are just like their music : you dont have a clue what it means but they are  great !

Vultures Quartet & Ampersand & PAS

A mix between Discoverer and Jazzman
Right from the very start, Wat Sun dealt with three issues: - What would be the sound of our band ? we choosed the jazz-quartet sound, where each instrument keeps its traditionnal function in the music. - What would be our musical, political, literary references ? We gain our influences in jazz, european improvised music, or comtemporary music,always trying to relate to our own time. How would our band operate ? We leave plenty of space for improvisation and develop our music around simple themes , but make sure that the tempi, the interpreters, and the “moments” or phases, remain unpredictable. However, all this answers are not final; we keep on searching, and we’ll propose new ones at the Avantgarde Festival 2012. ( Wat Sun)

A l’origine de Wat Sun, trois préoccupations principales :
- Quel serait le son de ce groupe ?C’est le son d’un quartet de jazz que nous avons choisi, où chaque instrument tient dans le son sa place traditionnelle. - Quelles seraient ses références musicales, littéraires, politiques ? Nous puisons nos influences dans le jazz, la musique improvisée, ou la musique contemporaine, en s’efforçant de toujours être inscrits dans notre époque. - Quel serait son mode de fonctionnement ? Nous laissons une grande place à l’improvisation et développons notre musique autour de mélodies simples, dont ni les tempis, ni les interprètes, ni les moments ne sont prévus. Mais ces réponses ne sont pas définitives, nous sommes en constante recherche, et nous en donnerons de nouvelles à l’occasion de l’Avantgarde Festival 2012 . (Wat Sun)

Wckr Spgt / Mark Givens
The Pig Organ

Louis XI had a pig organ. The Abbe of Beigne built it for him.
They said it was crazy to build a pig organ. It couldn't be done, but that's just what he did. 

The pigs in a row / pressing the key / poking the pig / making it squeal A pig and a poke, a comical treat. An organ, no joke. A musical feat. Poking the pig / making it squeal. That's how it's played. This thing was real. 

A keyboard, atop the pigs were secured. Depress a key and guess what you heard? The squeal of a pig, picked for a note! A glorious chorus of swine being poked. 

A pig in a poke. Poking a pig.
Believe it or not, that's what he did.

written and performed by Mark Givens for Wckr Spgt MultiMediums, especially for the Avantgarde Festival, 2012

 Wckr Spgt

Improvised music on improvised film
We love the slowness...

Werner Cee : e-Chin, guitar
Norbert Grossmann : syntheziser, theremin
Eva Korn : gongs/ tamtams
Werner Fritsch: films re-cut

Wetterläuten   Werner Cee


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Manuel: "Meine Workshops haben manchmal was von einem Happening, es macht riesig Spaß."

Zan Bodycocktail
I do what feels right !
Zan Hoffman: "....this is no attempt for me to ride someone else's horse into town. I do what feels right. Only afterwards do I even recognize my own influences, or friends will suggest things I hadn't thought of...." JHP: " I heard about the tremendous success of *Bodycocktail starring Lars Skjit* at the Notudgang Festival and Zan w s warmly recommended to me by several friends. I am very pleased to hear that Zan managed to squeeze a stop-over at our Festival while touring Europe in June ...but be warned : Bodycocktail ist verdammt starcke Tobak ! "

update: 11.6.2012



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