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All performances are INDOORS

  Stage 1-DOWN | Stage 2-UP | Annexe | Workfloor  

The WORKFLOOR is a big space upstairs, near Stage 2-Down. It is equipped with PA -, light- and projection- systems. It is new and has been created this year to allow for "workers" such as painters, welders, radio-crews, printers, instrument- makers, etc.. to perform their art "live" during the three days of our festival. The artists are free to work and exhibit as they please. Iinteraction between the performers and/or the audience is welcome.

The ANNEXE is a large room within the festival site. It has a PA and a small stage. It runs absolutly independant: the artists themselves decide together what and when they perform. No need to register. Une île d'anarchie dans un océan de liberté.

See list of some performers below.
Friday 2   18:00  >  03:00


18:00 Press Conference ANNEXE or OPEN AIR

Blaakraft  Norway DOWN
Reportaz Poland WORKFLOOR
Blood Stereo Great Britain UP
22:00 LYDIA LUNCH's Big Sexy Noise USA/ UK DOWN
Maya Danon Israel UP
Quattrophage Belgium/ France DOWN
Richard Lainhart USA UP
Pussinen - Siter -Terzic - Wilson Finland/ USA/ UK/ Bosnia UP




Saturday 3   10:00  >  03:00


10:00 AvantgardeFM on Air! DOWN
Football Tournoi Locals against foreigners OPEN AIR

12 Thomas Zunk Germany UP
Datashock Germany DOWN
Underdog Italy/ Poland UP
Chaos Physique Italy/ France DOWN
Kommissar Hjuler & Clive Graham Germany/ UK UP
17:00 FAUST & Friends D.M.Z. DOWN
Philippe Petit & Penates France/Italy UP
Anton Tornister Germany DOWN
Jetzmann Germany UP
21:30 GALLON DRUNK Great Britain DOWN
OHcy-ęspé Germany OPEN AIR
Sascha Aurora Akhtar Pakistan UP
UnicaZürn Great Britain DOWN
Somnambule Germany UP




Sunday 4   10:00  >  22:00


10:00 AvantgardeFM on Air! DOWN
Chess Tournoi OPEN AIR

Ookoi-A-Table ! Belgium UP
Qarad Quintette Germany DOWN
Lisa Dillan Norway UP
Gugu Flux Germany UP
R. Lainhart & Th. Zunk play Messiaen Germany/ USA WORKFLOOR
P.A.S. & Vultures USA/ UK DOWN
Thorsten Soltau Germany UP
Toys'R'Noise France DOWN


Annexe / Workfloor :

The following artists will perform according to their own plans :  

stadtFischFilm/ Uwe Bastiansen (D) - The Grand Erector (UK) - Patricia Molins (F) - Matthieu Safatly (B) - Mareike Kroschel (G) - Geraldine Swayne (IRL) - Karen Constance (UK) - Hardtart (D) - Gugu Flux (D) - Andreas Riska (D) - Johann Scheerer (D) ... others will join in.




update: 1. july 2010