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in the past three years, the festival has hosted a "blitz-chess "
tournoi where the audience could take a chance on the local
chess champion ...  
the tradition is that the "exots" ( that is YOU dear audience ! ) play against the "indigeneous" ( the youngsters of our village) ...
it started with heated discussions around the campfire and developed into organized debates.

... with Andy Wilson
 video contest
" And the Winner is.... ??"

Every year the audience and some artists are producing videos about the Festival. Great !

We would like to screen your footage during the festival 2011 ! So, bring your DVDs, we have the gear to project it.

DO NOT AGONIZE on your videos, it is all for fun ! To make it even more fun, the audience will vote for THE BEST DOCU. The winner gets 2 free tickets for The festival 2012 !

If you cannot come to the Festival, send us your videos: NO downloads please !!
But post a DVD to :>> Avantgarde Festival, Steinhorsterweg 2, 23847 Schiphorst/Germany. Thank you....

We'd love YOU to be part of it !
many of the festival artists will offer their products for sale... professional dealers, please contact us